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I am honoured and privileged to function as the principal of Panch Pargana Kisan College, Bundu. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Hon'ble Vice Chancellor and the distinguished individuals who have contributed to the development of this college over the past 50 years.

I believe this will certainly empower you to understand my intentions and what I expect from all of you when you leave the portals of the college premises. Hence, inculcate a planned life --- where the sense of values, time and commitment must matter more than anything else. Be a dreamer and a performer, and never be taken away either by a sense of defeat or victory. Participate almost in every college activity. Learn to take the pressure of all kinds of competition. Never retreat from a great cause or action, just because you are not able to perceive the goal or immediate objectives. Do not follow the whims and fancies of others blindly.

Listen to your elders and all those who matter in your student life. Be reasonable and polite but never argue. Try to be honest at all costs and learn the great act of humility. Be respectful to your elders. Reach the old and the venerable not with pity but with regard and compassion & do remember that-

We are in the post-modern era where science and technology are the cornerstones on which the edifice of society rests. The advances in communication have put us on the information super highway and the nations which are slow to change are bound to lag behind in progress and prosperity. Education, as a key to this change in the post-globalization era, can become effective only if it is wedded to technological advances. The Internet is one such dimension of knowledge and information. Preparing institutions of higher education to meet the new challenges brought on by globalization should be the prime concern of the policymakers and luckily for us the present government is keen on introducing a host of strategies for improving the quality of education. The institutions of higher education will be better if they prepare in time to use technology for reopening as well as multiplying the learning opportunities for the students. This can be done in a better way if we keep in mind quality while meeting the basic criteria of affordability, accessibility and equality. By launching its own website the college has taken the first proverbial step to bring the students face to face with the facts and information and also to introduce them to the vast frontiers of knowledge.

We ensure the all-around development of our students through participation in co-curricular activities including Games and sports, NCC, NSS, Debates, Quiz and poetry Contests, etc. to enhance students' creativity and inculcate leadership quality in them.

The designing and developing of the college website will provide all information about the college; the creation of a website for the college has a definite purpose and goal. It is meant to provide information on the different aspects of the college for the benefit of students and the public at large. We are determined to create a service-oriented site that can reduce the physical queue and facilitate students to get online information and services. Besides, the website opens a window of opportunities for our students and staff to access information that will help in seeking counseling guidance and higher studies and placement. It will also help in communicating with the administrative department, UGC and NAAC for better understanding and sustainable development.

I hope our humble effort will go a long way in making the college at Information Super Highway for making the institution a real instrument of socio-economic change while improving the quality of education through technology. It is for the faculties and students to put this site to better use and achieve the desired results.

The college is focused on its vision and the strategies for carrying it out for the socio-economic development of the backward areas of Bundu, Tamar, Sonahatu, Rahe and Arki. We believe, will help us in pursuing our goals in a more effective and meaningful way. One can only pray and wish them a happy prosperous life.


I would like to thank our teachers and the former principal for their contribution to the college. I would also like to wish them a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.